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Lightbox Topics:

Using Your Lightbox
Create a Lightbox
Delete a Lightbox
Add & Remove Images
Re-Arrange the Order of Images
Add All Lightbox Images to Cart
Email a Lightbox

Using Your Lightbox     back to top

The images in your lightbox become your personal collection at IPNSTOCK.com . It is easy to add, delete, read details and magnify images while viewing your lightbox. You can create as many lightboxes as you need.

Adding images to your lightbox saves you time on your return visit. A lightbox allows you to view a pre-selected group of images and show them to a co-worker, editor or art director. Your lightbox saves everyone time. You can return to your lightboxes by clicking on the MY LIGHTBOX button at the top of every IPNSTOCK.com page.

Create a Lightbox     back to top

Save images in a lightbox and create a private collection that only you, and those you invite, have access to. Create a ligtbox by clicking on the (add to light box icon) next to an image. Once you add an image, your lightbox is activated.

You can create as many lightboxes as you need. In addition, your lightboxes will be saved for you until you delete them.

Delete a Lightbox     back to top

To delete a lightbox, click on the REMOVE THIS LIGHTBOX link at the bottom of the lightbox you want to delete. This will NOT delete other lightboxes you have created.

Add & Remove Images     back to top

The Add to lightbox button allows you to add images to a lightbox.
The Delete image from the current lightbox button allows you to remove images from a lightbox.

Re-Arrange the Order of Images     back to top

The Move image up in order and Move Image down in order buttons allow you to change the order of images in a lightbox

Add All Lightbox Images to Cart     back to top

E-mail a Lightbox     back to top

Collaborate with co-workers or clients by sending your lightbox via e-mail. E-mail a lightbox by clicking on the "e-mail this lightbox link." The recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to the lightbox and be able to view and interact with that lightbox.

Be sure to indicate whether you want to give the recipient access to add/delete/re-arrange images from the lightbox, or if you want to send as "read-only."